Friday, April 2, 2010

Keeping Our Eyes on the Task at Hand.

For the most part we are falling into a routine, plugging along at SJ pace and learning to cover lessons with more quality than quantity. Really, it's the only way we can cover lessons unless I'm just into text-mentioning for my own benefit. Still, it's disheartening to me when we run unbidden into concepts that my son has no clue how to decipher, concepts he has been meant to work with in traditional school.

For instance, yesterday he faced a question asking if a term was a simile, a metaphor, an analogy, or an idiom. Blank stare. "Mom, my teacher expected me to know what these were but I have no idea." Add it to my growing list. Sigh.

Again, it reinforces why I am homeschooling this guy but still, it makes me sad and a wee bit overwhelmed at the scope of material we need to cover (and master). It makes me wonder, though, how many other kids are sitting in classrooms making WAGS (wild-a**-guesses) to get their "C" and move on. My son has a known learning issue that requires a unique delivery system and has resulted in lagging school knowledge. But sometimes the lines are blurred and I wonder how far behind he is... or isn't?

Our focus as homeschoolers needs to be our children's progress, not comparison. Still, it takes time to take the school out of school. I've been a lifelong classroom learner (a good one) so it is a daily choice to move against the grain of tradition in learning. I am so thankful that, personally, I've always been interested in psychology and brain function and learning styles so I have some understanding of what I am working with but the reality of doing said work often feels askew.

So we move on to another day, our focus on the trail head, not the top of the mountain (was that an analogy?). This journey will be long and strenuous but I am convinced the view will be well worth it.

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  1. Great post. Sometimes I get discouraged at how "far behind" my son (ADHD/Asperger's) is, but have to remember not to compare. In answer to your comment on my blog - my 13 yo son LOVES the lego game and can't wait to get more of them, so it is definitely right for his age. My younger kids love it too. I love it, as an adult. So it's good for all ages. Thanks for visiting my blog!