Friday, June 4, 2010

Please People, Move Over!

It takes just one trip to our local Winco to remind one how essential are lessons of etiquette. Sadly, I am there weekly so the lesson stays current and top of mind. It astounds me how so many people lack others-awareness.

Let's start in the parking lot: Is it too much to ask pedestrians to cross driving paths in a straight across manner (i.e. shortest distance) rather than the meandering diagonal stroll? Or how about reining in the kids who walk abreast of the cart...five people wide?

Speaking of group walkers, Winco must be a field trip for many. That would explain why entire families cruise the aisles en masse, loafing, crawling, wiggling, and clogging. And might I add without offending much of America, it's not the skinny families who do this. And what is with stopping in the exact middle of the aisle?

Certainly we are all entitled to our space on earth but isn't that what our homes our for? At home we can spread out, take as much space as we would like. The rest of the time we must share our space, accomplishing what we must while being mindful of others. It's the mindful of others part that seems to be lacking.

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