Friday, October 22, 2010

Four Things I Have Learned

To be fair, I have two other children besides SJ. I would be remiss if I did not wish my oldest a happy 21st birthday today. So, Happy Birthday Oldest Child!

As we put a wrap on the week, I ponder some things we have learned about homeschooling in the past six or seven months.
  1. Homeschooling is/can be flexible. Life happens. Late nights turn to grouchy mornings. Friends lay dying. Relatives move. Businesses fail. All of these affect our children/students. I am thankful we can postpone a lesson to a better day, regardless of the reason we do so. Just yesterday, SJ opted for his free day in math because, as he said, he "tried but just couldn't hold it together." He wasn't kidding. He cranked out that lesson in less than 25 minutes this morning. The take-away for him? Don't start your day with Frosted Flakes. Lookie there--math AND nutrition! Real life is a beautiful teacher.
  2. Life can be the best teacher. See Number one.
  3. My student IS learning. Despite how it looks on some days, stuff is happening to the matter between SJ's ears. As we made cookies yesterday, I wondered aloud whether we were observing a physical or a chemical change. SJ piped in with his opinion and supporting evidence. It made the cookies taste even better and reminded me that all is not naught. 
  4. We will inevitably miss something. Parenting is plate-spinning. Teaching just adds a few more to the circus. Just when we think we have them all spun, a plate crashes to the floor reminding us of our human frailty and shortcomings. I am learning to do the best I can do with the resources I have been given. Life will teach much. Others will add their two cents. And SJ, smart as he is, will figure out the rest. I am best served by prioritizing my goals for him and staying close to those. 
In all, it has been a relaxed week. We are falling into a groove (in a good way); I know the curriculum, know where to push and where to pare. Some days it feels like we aren't doing "enough" but sometimes, less is more. 

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  1. Yes, 3 and 4 are the big ones for me. I'm finding that it's more important to teach how to learn than dates.