Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Not to Have Missed This

“Mom, I think I would like a bass guitar for Christmas.”

“Sure Honey. Just add that to your list after a new skateboard and Legos and an iPod dock and …”

“Mom, I think I am going to take the Legos off my list.”

We don’t often get warned when the world shifts. Can you remember the last time your son snuggled into your lap or held your hand without reservation? On what day did your daughter cease needing your help with her pigtails? I can’t remember either but I know these shifts happened. And I grieve for moments in time that elude me.

It is why I feel so fortunate to have had open ears for this most recent shift. I glanced over at my 13 year old, sitting calmly in the front passenger seat. “Are you sure about the Legos, Hon?” I asked.

“Yea. I realize I just don’t play with them much anymore. I think I want to play with them but then I get them out and I play for, like, five minutes. I think I might have outgrown them.”

How sad is that? Right before my eyes and within my hearing, my youngest child ushered me gently, and insightfully, to an understanding of his growth and maturity.

I suspect I will forget this moment as time passes forward but for now, I am thankful for the gracious prompt that life will not always be as it is, that I need to cherish the here and now. All too soon it will slip away.

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