Monday, August 16, 2010

Making the World a Better Place

Just had to share this list that SJ threw together in his 15 minute journal-writing time. I thought he would squawk at the exercise but he surprised me by throwing himself into it, even begging for a little more time to add to his list. So here are the worldly reflections of a 13 year old and ideas to make our world a better place:
  1. Solar hover cars to destroy gas.
  2. Eco/green buildings
  3. Hover motorcycles
  4. Air powered spaceships as planes
  5. Giant force fields that make it so peole don't bring in sicknesses
  6. Water color changing pools
  7. No super expensive prices (I love that one!)
  8. Power plants that also run on solar (stores, too)
  9. Free candy and ice cream every day
  10. Super soldiers
  11. Paintball fields in every city
  12. Epic video games (like Call of Duty 12: Future Soldier)
  13. Laser guns (so we don't need bullets)
  14. 24 hour surveillance cameras that shoot lasers at intruders
  15. Secret rooms in houses
  16. Awesome paintball guns and gear
  17. Dreams that become real
  18. Furry cuddly animals and pets
  19. Waterbeds (how funny is that? He really didn't know that such a thing existed!)
  20. Nuclear bunkers for guest rooms.
  21. Giant robot walking suits that can be used for building
I love that his mind wandered from global to individual, identifying bigger ideas such as energy and oil needs, and then reverted to his own world of paintballs and make believe. Such a precious juxtaposition. 

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