Sunday, August 22, 2010

Will She Keep it Up?

I'm on to something. I just know it. Super excited. High hopes. question to me: will I keep it up?

How could I not? It's so simple, so helpful, so...organized.

I'm talking, of course, about my newly revised calendar on iCal. There's been lots of discussions on the homeschool blogs regarding organization as we ramp up for the new school year. Seems that time management is an area most of us never master. I've used iCal for years but more as a supplement to my wall calendar. Because we can sync it, I used it to inform my husband of family events, mostly.

Now, I have made it my very own. Check this out:

I made an orange calendar for Independent Work and a green calendar for Together Work (work that requires me). I sync those two calendars and the pink Kids calendar to SJ's computer so he can print it out complete with the notes to the right that tell him exactly what he needs to be doing. He uses it like a checklist. A further benefit is that we can pop these in our Log Binder and hand them over to The Handler and she can easily see exactly what we have done. I can use the URL link to add websites pertinent to the lessons or recipes for my dinner schedule.

You can also view the calendar in weekly or monthly formats although they are a lot less detailed. 

Today I feel very organized. God give me the grace to continue.


  1. Very interesting idea. I'm still tweaking our schedule. (this was only our 2nd day of school, lol). I'm not familiar with iCal. I assume it's for Mac right? Do you think Google Calendar would work?

  2. I am pretty sure you can do the same thing on Google. My husband uses that system and shares calendars with employees.

  3. LOL! I hope you can keep it up, I'm on a quest to get better organized this year, I know the struggle!

  4. So far so good! ....and I am a whole week into it. My Handler is absolutely thrilled! It took a few days for SJ to realize he needs to "read" the notes to make sure he is working the proper lesson. :-) Oops...redo! Lesson learned.

  5. Hmmm. I need to get back to my google calendar. My husband and I coordinated our schedules last year with ours, but I never thought of using it for homeschooling....