Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How I Do It

A common thread among homeschoolers is how to answer the inevitable question, "Why are you homeschooling?" For many, it elicits a defensive posture, perhaps because they have been challenged enough times or had someone close in their orbit express disapproval over the decision.

I have enough good reasons for homeschooling that I've never paused when asked this question. It doesn't occur to me that others might approve or disapprove. It's not really their business anyway so I don't worry about it. I've done school every which way with my kids and I am confident we have landed on what works best.

The comment that stops me is this: "How do you do it?"

Translated: "I could never..."

The spirit of awe, doubt, trepidation, or sheer disbelief frankly makes me a mite uncomfortable and maybe even a little sad. I get that the comment is often a compliment. But the truth is, you could  do this...if you had to. Which is what I have done.

When your child is suffering in public school, when you can't afford private school, when private school wouldn't solve the problem anyway, when no one "gets" your child like you do, you have to make a choice. I chose to homeschool. Not because I am so smart. Not because I am so capable. Not because I love spending 24/7 with my youngest. Not because I am a martyr. Not because I want to protect him from the outside world.

I just want my son to learn.

There are so many resources available now to help those of us who are new on this journey. I've spent hours combing homeschool help websites and read a daily queue of blogs written by the most amazing moms, telling of their successes and their near misses. I couldn't do this alone. Fortunately, I am not alone.

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not give the glory where it really belongs. I do not have the strength, the desire, the discipline, the smarts, or the patience to homeschool. But because it is what needs to be done, I've been given the gifts to make it happen. God alone strengthens this weak vessel. He provides all we need, when we need it, to do the thing we need to do.

Please, do not think more highly of me because I homeschool. Do not think less of yourself because you don't. If anything, be impressed by the power that fuels me. Because that is how I do it.

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  1. That is very true, we do it because we have to. I feel that it is my responsibilty to raise my children and teach them, so I will do it because I have to.